St Michael's Advent Course

This special Advent course is running for four Wednesdays during Advent starting at 7pm and is open to all. The dates are:

    • 28 November
    • 5 December
    • 12 December
    • 19 December

Theme and structure of the 4 weeks of Advent

We intend to look at a reading from each of the Sundays of Advent. The purpose is to see it in its setting, where it fits in with our current life and how it impacts on our faith and understanding.

On Wednesday November 28th a small group met for the first time and followed one of the readings for Advent Sunday. The hope is that with the detailed look at one of the texts the meaning will be more clear on the actual Sunday. Below is how the first meeting went and the questions give some idea of how wide ranging the discussion was at that time.

Jeremiah 43:14-16

“ The days  are coming” says the Lord, “when I shall bestow  on Israel and Judah all the blessings I have promised them. In those days at that time, I shall make a righteous branch spring from Davids line, he will maintain law and justice in the land. In those days Judah will be kept safe and Jerusalem will live undisturbed. This will be the name given to him: The Lord our Righteousness”.

Context of the reading

Jeremiah is in prison. Jerusalem is about to be invaded by Nebuchadnezzar. The line of David has been destroyed and the Babylonian exile is in full force. There is terror, uncertainty, everything that is engendered by an invading force. Jeremiah speaks into this time of chaos, of catastrophe, he speaks of an alternative reality. The house of David, the last great patriarch has gone but God will breathe new life out of death, the future is safe in Gods hands.

    1. What does this prophecy offer to the people of the time?
    2. Where does this fit in to the advent story?
    3. Why do the  people of the time have to wait? 
    4. Where does this waiting connect with the 21st C of waiting?
    5. What are we waiting for?
    6. How do we live with this waiting so that it becomes a meaningful time?
    7. What are we looking for in our Messiah?
    8. Whose law is Jeremiah talking about? 
    9. What do we understand by righteousness, law and justice?
    10. Are we as individuals ready for the Lord of Righteousness?

Next week, Wednesday December 5th we will be looking at the words of

Malachi 3:1-4 and how these words can speak to us during Advent.

We would love more people to join us for these short meetings, we begin at 19:00 with a short social time followed by prayer and then into the nitty gritty. We end the meeting by 20:30 with prayer.

Please consider joining us for the next three weeks. Malcolm and I welcome you to our home at 26 Andover Road, Freemantle. If you’d like more information you can call me on 07962704362. This is not a hard study group but a place to explore where the readings of Advent can help us to experience the time at a deeper level.

For more information please contact Revd Jackie Sellin or Yvonne Dalrymple