Baptisms and Christenings

When a child or an adult is baptised they are being welcomed into the Christian family – the Church. Its as simple as that.

Baptism is sometimes called Christening.

When a child is baptised the parents godparents say that the Christian faith is their faith and that as the child grows up they will share that faith with them.

A child would normally have three godparents but it can be fewer or more. The godparents do need to have been baptised themselves.

When an adult is baptised they are able to make the baptismal promises for themselves though sometimes they have a sponsor who is there to support and encourage them.

Baptism is usually the first step in the lifetime journey of faith so is a great celebration.

At St Michael’s, baptisms usually take place during the 10.30 service.

To find out more about Baptism or to enquire about booking a Baptism service please contact the clergy. Further information can be found on the Church of England website on Christenings and Adult Baptisms.

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